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Linux Developers Meeting 2005

Von Joey Schulze, 2.8.2005
From September 21st to September 25th this year's Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting will take place.

It has been confirmed that there will be another Linux developers meeting taking place at the end of September here in Oldenburg. The rooms in the scientific building of the University of Oldenburg are occupied already and, hence, we should be able to meet at the usual place again, i.e. in W1.

The meeting will begin on Wednesday (September 21st) for those who want to arrive early and will end on Sunday afternoon/evening (September 25th). This is a purely technical and development-bound meeting. Usually, a lot of kernel development on non-x86 machines is done during these meetings.

For two years already the Debian team has joined us and benefitted of the infrastructure already in place. This year several people from the Debian project have asked about participation already, so I guess that we'll have Debian developers around again.

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