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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2008

A small development meeting is organised specifically for MIPS porting of Linux. It will take place at the Linux-Hotel in Essen, Germany, during the first weekend in autumn 2008 (October 2nd – 5th).

We can use two-bed and three-bed rooms for sleeping and a large working room for hacking. The following developers participate in this meeting:

  • Florian Lohoff
  • Frank Benke
  • Guido Günther
  • Jan-Benedict Glaw
  • Maciej W. Rozycki
  • Martin Schulze
  • Michael Westermann
  • Nils Färber
  • Thiemo Seufer
  • Thomas Bogendörfer

If you know about a location that would allow larger and longer meetings or would like to attend and would like to ensure we won't forget to drop you a mail in time when the location is negotiated, please drop me a line at joey@infodrom.org. I'll record your address for the invitation later.


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