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2nd Linux/68k meeting in Oldenburg

Yet again, it took me about 1/2 year to put together this page..but so what! Here's a set of pictures from the second Linux/m68k programmer's meeting, which took place from Sep 19 - Sep 21, 1997.

So, without any further repeating of what I wrote last year about that year's meeting (it's always the same motivation :-), here are the pictures.

Various comments

Here I want to write down some comments, funny anecdotes or just facts about the meeting; if you have suggestions, please mail me.

  • While during the meeting of '96 we had an inbound network traffic of about 2 GB, this was pushed up to about 6 GB this time.
  • All images on this page were brushed up (contrast, brightness, sharpness etc) with The Gimp. For heaven's sake, check it out!. It's fantastic software, and it comes under the GPL!
  • [...your notes go here..]

Yeah, that's all folks. What else to say? Well, with a bit of pushing from your side *hint hint*, there might be a third (and final) meeting here in 1998, probably again around September. I say 'final' because I'm pretty sure that I won't be in Oldenburg one year later - yeah, I really make progress regarding my studies. Of course, I already said that 7 years ago, but.. :-)

Yet again, I enjoyed the meeting - I hope everyone else did. It would be really nice to see you all again here some day.

Special thanks go to the following persons for helping me in planning, organizing etc.:

  • Stefan Ossowski and Dieter Müller of Schatztruhe GmbH for sponsoring our meeting with 200 Deutschmarks - this way I could leave out the usual entrance fee and everyone just paid for drinks etc. Thanks a lot Stefan, and I hope you'll soon feel better, Dieter!
  • Horst Rummel, for getting me in contact with the chief of the library, Mr. Havekost
  • Mr. Havekost for making the meeting possible in the rooms of the library.
  • Mr. Gorny, professor of applied C.S., who was so kind to take over the auspices for the meeting this time.
  • Dirk Menz, who got us into the network and installed the required name server entries for MX etc. just in time.
  • ...and anyone else I might have forgotten. Thank you!

Frank Neumann

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