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The Linux/68k meeting (#0) in Solingen

Welcome to a HomePage about the (first) Linux/68k programmer's meeting which took place in Solingen/Germany, from October 13th to 15th, 1995.

This was a meeting intended to bring more or less active Linux/68k programmers together to learn to know each other, exchange problems and hints, do some programming and discussion on important topics, and of course to have some fun. :-)

Our host, Thorsten Floeck, offered to hold this meeting in his flat. We had two small rooms for the computers, plus some rooms (one of them in their neighbours' flat :-) to sleep.

The meeting was a real success. Due to the much faster turn-around times of voice-talk (contrary to E-Mail on mailing lists) some problems could be solved within minutes. Others took hours (like the attempt of Peter to get the Arcnet driver for Amiga running). Anyway, it was good to "connect the names to faces" of the guys we had been exchanging mails with so often without knowing who's actually the person behind the E-Mail address.

Frank Neumann

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