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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2004

General Information

For past meetings all attendents already knew how this meeting works, but since several people from Debian will attend this time it seems to be useful to dump more information here.

ffis e.V. usually hosts the Linux developers meeting inside the scientific building of the University of Oldenburg in Oldenburg Wechloy (about 1.2km away from the main building) with support by the computing center and the faculty for mathematics. We are able to connect our working room to the University network at 10MBit/s through a masquerading router.

We will have a never-ending breakfast in the main working room. Joey will get rolls and bread in the morning, accompanied with cheese, sausages, jam, honey, butter, milk and coffee. We will also have non-alcoholic fluids. There will be a large refrigerator for cooling the food. If you need or would like to have special food, please let us know. This will be paid by contribution towards expenses of about € 15:00 per person for the entire meeting.

We will have a warm dinner in the evening in some restaurants in Oldenburg that are able to serve 20-45 people at the same time. Normally I'll select the restaurants one week before the meeting so I can approach them with a more or less accurate number of attendants. For these evening dinners everybody pays for himself. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday those of you who enjoy a warm lunch can use the cafeteria from 12:00 — 14:00. (costs: € 1.55 for the menu or € 1.90 for vegetarian lunch).

The meeting usually starts on Thursday about noon when the first person arrives and ends on Sunday about noon. We'll have to clean up the rooms until 18:00 on Sunday and can continue working until then. This year, however, we'll get the meeting started on Wednesday already since many people complained that Thu-Sun is not enough time to work on several issues.

Where is Oldenburg

Oldenburg is a nice city (about 153.144 residents) in the northern part of Germany. It is located about 50 km south of the north coast, about 50 km north-west of Bremen, about 200 km west of Hamburg, about 200km north of Hannover and about 200km east of Groningen. I hope these are enough cities named for getting an idea where Oldenburg is located.

If you get here by train, Joey (or somebody else) can pick you up at the train station. Otherwise just take the bus 306 into direction "Universität/Wechloy" and drive to the last station which is within the campus already.

The closest airport is Bremen from which Joey can pick you up as well. Hamburg, Hamburg (Lübeck), Amsterdam (Groningen) and Schiphol (Amsterdam, NL) are too far away and you'd have to use a train to get to Oldenburg. If you arrive in Hamburg, please double-check that you are going to Oldenburg (Oldbg) (or Oldenburg in Oldenburg), since there is a second Oldenburg closer to Hamburg. If your train goes from Hamburg or Lübeck and does not go through Bremen then you're probably travelling to the wrong city.


We will provide two or three rooms for sleeping. These are regular conference or class rooms with tables and chairs moved to the sides. You'll need at least a sleeping bag and maybe also a mattress or a cot. There are toilets in the same building and we are able to use the showes of the sports facility (you can do running and play beach volleyball as well, if you like). Please see the map of the location.

You should also take enough clothes with you. The wheather is expected to be at about 10-25°C during the day and about 5-10°C during the night. Hence, during the day it is often warm enough for short trousers and t-shirts. You'll also need towels, shower gel, deo, tooth paste and brush, and additional things you need for personal daily cleaning.

We will probably be able to use cups, dishes and canteen from the local cafeteria.


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