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1st Linux/68k meeting in Oldenburg

These developers have participated in the meeting:

  1. Arno Griffioen
  2. Benjamin Lorenz
  3. Flemming Steffensen
  4. Frank Neumann
  5. Geert Uytterhoeven
  6. Günther Kelleter
  7. Ingo Wilken
  8. Jes Soerensen
  9. Jörg Dorchain
  10. Jörg Mayer
  11. Markus Illenseer
  12. Peter de Schrijver
  13. Thorsten Flöck
  14. Torsten Scherer

We also had a few more guests who lived so close to Oldenburg that they just peeked in for a short while - Hartmut Koptein, Martin Schulze, Klaus Burkert (who came only when the meeting ended because he seemed to have problems finding the place. :-}

Frank Neumann

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