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1st Linux/68k meeting in Oldenburg

This (pretty late) page contains some images from the Linux/m68k programmer's meeting which took place in Oldenburg from July 12th to 14th.

Very much like the meeting we held in Solingen the year before, this meeting was intended to bring programmers together for quick & good solutions to problems, seeign the faces behind the e-mail addresses, and in general for having fun.

Oh, one thing more - some people asked for the image that I used to print the T-shirts. Well, here it is, either the PNG image (see the PNG home page). This one is losslessly compressed, while the JPEG image is a more commonly used format, though slightly lossy.

I declare those images as Public Domain - do with them whatever you want (well, the penguin is of course not by me). Though, if you print T-shirts from this, I'd like to at least hear about it. It makes me feel good. :-)

I enjoyed the meeting - I hope everyone else did. A second meeting is planned for '97 (click here for information), and I hope to see most of you there again (and more!).

Special thanks go to the following persons for helping me in planning, organizing etc.:

  • Horst Rummel, for getting me in contact with the chief of the library, Mr. Havekost
  • Mr. Havekost for making the meeting possible in the rooms of the library.
  • Mr. Brause, who only taught operating systems at our university for just one short semester. He was the 'supporting professor' for this meeting and signed a corresponding paper which stated that the meeting has connections to the contents of C.S. studies etc.
  • Dirk Menz, who got us into the network. As far as I remember, we had some 150 MB of data flowing outward during those 2 days, but almost 2 GB coming in (someone mirrored X11 etc. :-)
  • ...and anyone else I might have forgotten. Thank you!

So, that's it. I know these images come VERY late, and unfortunately I forgot about most of the other things in the meantime that I wanted to write about - hopefully that will improve with this years' meeting.

Frank Neumann

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