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Linux/m68k programmer's meeting #3 in Oldenburg

Getting to Oldenburg for the Linux/m68k meeting

Hi, meeting participators,

the following images should assist you in finding your way to Oldenburg. I have scanned them in from city maps and added coloured streaks to show you what way to go. I made two versions of each map: A .jpg image that you can view/study/learn by heart :-) on the computer, and a .ps.gz file that should be ok for printing on A4 paper. I suggest marking the way on paper with a red pencil. Please note that the .ps.gz PostScript files do not contain the markers you see in the color images.

Anyway, here we go. First of all, Oldenburg is in North Germany, about 40 kilometers north-west of Bremen. As most of you are supposed to drive up to Oldenburg via Bremen, I will not describe the way from the north.

I hope everyone knows where Bremen is. If not, please get a simple map of Germany and look it up. It's about 100 km west (slightly south-west) of Hamburg.

1) Those of you coming from the south might go along the highway A7 (Würzburg - Fulda - Kassel - Göttingen - Hannover) and then turn left towards Bremen on the A27 / A1 at the 'Autobahnkreuz Walsrode'. Once you are near Bremen, just follow the hints for Oldenburg. Directly after Bremen, you are not driving on a highway, but on a 2-lane street until you have passed "Delmenhorst". There are often traffic jams in this area, good luck! :-|

2) Those coming from the southern/western part of Germany will probably drive along those cities: Saarbrücken / Kaiserslautern - Koblenz - Bonn/Köln - Dortmund - Münster - Osnabrück (A1). You should NOT drive up to Bremen, but instead change to the A29 at the "Autobahndreieck Ahlhorner Heide".

3) As far as our guests from Belgium/Netherlands are concerned :-), I'm not sure where you are going to enter Germany, but I believe it will be either Enschede (Arno), so that you'll drive directly towards Osnabrück after the border, and Geert and Peter might come from somewhere near Aachen, so that you'll have do drive around the "Ruhrgebiet" up to Dortmund and go on like under 2).

4) For anyone coming from Denmark(?): I think after the border you'll drive along Flensburg, Neumünster, Hamburg on the A7, and after the Elbe tunnel (also often jammed - good luck :-|) follow the instructions towards Bremen on the A1, then use the hints from 1).

I hope now everyone has found his way and is close to Oldenburg's city limits. The two highways (from Bremen and Ahlhorner Heide) meet short of Oldenburg. If you're coming from Bremen, just follow the highway; those coming from Osnabrück have to drive up to the "Autobahndreieck Oldenburg-Ost" and change from the A29 to the A28 there.

So, now everyone is one the same streets, so this goes for all of you: You are going to pass these highway exits:

  1. Autobahnkreuz Oldenburg-Ost
  2. Oldenburg-Osternburg
  3. Oldenburg-Kreyenbrück
  4. Oldenburg-Marschweg
  5. Oldenburg-Eversten
  6. Oldenburg-Haarentor

At Haarentor, leave the highway (sharp bend, watch out!). At the crossing you're coming up to (you can see a big Aral gas station there), turn to the right. You are now on the "Ammerländer Heerstraße". Drive on this street for about 1.5 km (on the left side you'll pass by the location 1 of the university campus - those who have been to Oldenburg before will recognize this place :-). Continue to drive straight ahead. After a short while you'll see a large Mercedes-Benz dealer on the right side ("Rosier"). Right after this, turn right into the "Carl-von-Ossietzky-Strasse" (sharp bend again, you'll see the sign 'Universität'). Follow this street for about 500m. The street takes a slight bend to the left, and you are driving directly towards the university area. Just pick a parking place, and walk into the building first to say hello and let me tell you how to get your hardware into the rooms.

When you have parked your car, walk up directly towards the main entrance of the building (a few steps upstairs), through the double door. Inside, turn left, go down the stairs, turn left again, and the *thinks* second door on the right side (room number W1-0-012) is where we'll be. There should be a UTP cable glued to the floor leading into this room. :-) Room W1-0-015, on its right side, is where we'll sleep.

Well, here are the maps:

Number 1: Oldenburg and its highways, including a red streak that shows you the way to the point where you should leave the highway.

Number 2: Getting from the highway to the campus area in Wechloy. This time it's a blue streak instead of red. :-)

Number 3: Map of the university's building with parking places, plus an path showing the way you need to follow to the meeting room.
GIF (yuck!) image (12 KB)
Compressed PostScript file (11 KB)

Ok, that's it! If anyone of you has problems with this map, please ask me! If you're somewhere in Oldenburg and have no idea where you actually are, ask someone for the way to the university (Wechloy) - everyone should know that.

Good luck in finding your way, and see you soon,

Frank Neumann

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