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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2001

This is the sixth Linux Developers Meeting taking place in Oldenburg. We are proud to be able to offer another meeting to Linux developers.

We are preparing the meeting to take place at the last weekend of September 2001 (27th-30th). The meeting will be organized at the same location as it was last year, that is, University of Oldenburg, scientific building in Oldenburg Wechloy.

We will be able to use two rooms, the larger one is reserved for hacking and the smaller one for sleeping (we could use it for a party if nobody wants to sleep, just an idea...). Hopefully the power circles will be separated so we don't suffer from too many power outages. There will be space, power, network connectivity and some food provided by us, so you can fully concentrate on hacking.


The meeting is be organized by Martin 'Joey' Schulze. Please drop him a line at joey@infodrom.north.de if you have any questions regarding this meeting or if you want to participate.


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