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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2001

3rd Announcement

This mail should contain all final information that you require before travelling.

Finally, today at noon, I got confirmation to be allowed to use the rooms. Until noon there still was a chance that they kick me out...

Maps - I'm not sure if I manage to create updated maps but there are some from two years ago which should be sufficient. Please find them here.

I lost the graphics somehow, it seems...

Some graphics seems to be left over from Franky.

Important things - Please take enough power cables, power splitters, network cables and hubs/switches with you. I have prepared a router but don't know if we will get a 100MBit/s port or a 10/100MBit/s one, so it may not work. If somebody has a spare machine or router with 2x eth (and a proper means of transportation), better take it with you.

Less important things - I will get bread, rolls, butter, marmelade, cheese (maybe some sausage, maybe not...) and stuff as well as some liquid and coffee/tea. It would be good if you could bring a plate and a mug with you. Knifes and forks should be borrowable from the local cafeteria. Their mugs are way too small to be useful, though.

Unimportant things - Please don't forget things that you require for your personal fsck, such as towels, shampoo, soap and stuff as well as a sleeping bag and a camping mat.

Anything else which I forgot? Taking your machines and technical handbooks with you is mandatory.

If you are arriving by train and would like to be picked up from the train station, don't hesitate to contact me regarding your arrival. You can also use the bus line 306, though it won't be available at the evening or night.

Regarding food on thursday evening: 13 people should arrive on thursday already. However, dpending on how many of you are already there at 7pm I'll decide if we will go to a restaurant or just try to get some pizza into the university so there won't be too much hurry and chaos (in addition to the regular chaos and hurry).

See you tomorrow or on Friday, hope you will enjoy the meeting.

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