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Linux/m68k programmer's meeting #3 in Oldenburg

Recent news (Sep-10)

Maps that show how to get to Oldenburg are done now. Read 'em, print 'em, use 'em, trash 'em.

Yo! One mo' time!

I'm going to hold another Linux/m68k programmer's meeting here in Oldenburg, on September 18th - 20th, 1998. Its main purpose is to:

  • Get together Linux programmers to quickly exchange experience, questions and answers, and discuss future plans
  • Talk about what work still needs to be done in the m68k kernels
  • Find out about general porting problems (also on other platforms)
  • Talk about future plans
  • Have fun, seeing each other (again)
  • ..and whatever else comes to mind.

So, this is going to be 2 days of work, but also fun. The first meeting of this kind, which was held by Thorsten Flöck in October 1995, was a great success and enjoyable for all of us. I hope we can repeat that here. :-)

Here's the announcement mail I sent to the L68k and debian-m68k mailing lists. Read it, and if you want to come, fill out the form at its end and send it to me.

Some time after the meeting, I'll try to (as usual) scan in the photos I'll make and put them onto this page. Watch this space, but give some time to process! :-}

Frank Neumann

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