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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2002


Peter and Thiemo are investigating the MIPS based Cobalt Cub...Florian and Guido discussingFlorian and his DECstation labNils working with lots of small pieces
Of course, GNU/Linux runs on the PALMAX palm/mini-notebook P...Apple Network Server (ANS)A cluster of machines and cablesA cluster of machines and cables
Q60 and Q40, m68k based machinesDevelopers workingDevelopers workingDevelopers working
Found a new PMAG-AA monochrome graphics card for DECstation ...Debugging the newly created driver for PMAG-AAHurray, we have a console on PMAG-AADon't cough, it could hurt our monitor cable
Wow, we even have X running with PMAG-AA, though colours are...Hmm, X with additional settings compresses the screen someho...Food cornerTidying up, some machines stacked to be carried away
Tidying up, more machines stacked to be carried away

More pictures taken by Florian Lohoff.

More pictures taken by Karsten Merker.

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