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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2002

This year's meeting was quite sucessful. Below please find some of the devlopment efforts that ended up successful at this meeting.

  • Cobalt RaQ: Network driver for Cobalt RaQ NASserver. The driver works stable again. The patch for the ethernet support was originally written by Peter de Schrijver for the NEC DDB 5074 MIPS development board, which uses the same ethernet controller as my NASRaq (a tulip). The patch adds proper cache handling for MIPS systems in the tulip driver without which you get memory corruption using the network. The machine even served as internal Debian mirror during the meeting. Please note that there are different types of ethernet controllers in the various Cobalt Qube/Raq models.
  • DECstation: Harddisk support for DECstation is working again, thanks to Karsten and Florian. It was broken due to code reorganization in 2.4.20-pre kernels.
  • Indy: Booting and installing Indys and IP2s via CD-ROM. Florian and Guido managed to write proper volume headers to create a Debian CD that boots directly into the Debian installer system.
  • DECstation: Support for PMAG-AA. Karsten got a hold of a monochrome PMAG-AA graphics card for DECstation 5000/xxx. After some research he was able to he was able to address the important chips on the board and an ad hoc and quite fragile connection to a monitor proved that the driver was able to address the card. After more development by Thiemo and Joey the framebuffer works for both the console and X11.

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