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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 1999

October 14th (Thu) - 17th (Sun) 1999

University of Oldenburg, Wechloy, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße


This is the official invitation for the the 1999 Linux Hacker Meeting in Oldenburg (formerly known as m68k Hacker's Meeting1).

The development meeting will take place at the same rooms like last year. However, if "too" many people are coming, we're going to swab the rooms, so the bigger room would be used for working. We're also organizing three independend power circuits that should help us avoid a general power failure. :-)

We will get sponsored IP from the computing center of our University. Food and fluids during the meeting will be sponsored by Mindfactory. Thus, no attendance fees will be required. Nevertheless you should not forget your regular hacker's food.

You may arrive on Thursday if you like. You may also stay longer if you like. If you need to picked up at the train station, let us know when you're going to arrive - i.e. tell us to receive a mobile number from one of us.

If you can't carry machines with you, I will probably take some special boxes from me for porting.

  • 1x HP9000/425 (m68k), 16MB
  • 1x HP9000/425 (m68k), 8MB
  • 1x HP9000/7xx (parisc)
  • 1x DECsystem 5000/240 (mipsel), 64MB

To help us planing with the rooms, amount of food and other please fill out the following form and send it to

Name .........................:

Date of arrival ..............: ( ) Thursday, October 14th
                                ( ) Friday, October 15th
                                ( ) Saturday, October 16th

Date of departure ............: ( ) Friday, October 15th
                                ( ) Saturday, October 16th
                                ( ) Sunday, October 17th
                                ( ) Monday, October 18th
                                ( ) later

Number of machines ...........:

Number of monitors ...........:

Name may be placed on web page: ( ) yes
                                ( ) no

If you don't know how many boxes and monitors you're going to take with you, please give a rough guess. We only need this information to properly plan for our power supplies and room requirements.

[1] I have renamed the meeting from "m68k Hacker's Meeting" since not only 680x0 people are attending and not only this hardware is worked on. The last meetings have shown that several people carry an alpha, powerpc, sparc or whatever with them.

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