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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 1999

October 14th (Thu) - 17th (Sun) 1999

University of Oldenburg, Wechloy, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße


I'm glad that we were able to provide you with another traditional Linux Hackers Meeting. From what I've seen the meeting was successful. About 15 Linux hack^H^H^H^Hdeveloper have attended this meeting that has followed a longterm tradition of programming meetings.

Starting from Thursday afternoon has given us one additional day for those who were able to join at that early time. I guess this was good for our work since some people were able to start early and work on more things. Most attendees have arrived on thursday and left on sunday morning.

We have had some nice days of development and hacking. As usual we went out for dinner in a group, using nice restaurants, talking about everything but computers. :-)

On saturday the local user group has organized a Linux exhibition that was successful as well. We've had about 900 visitors from about everywhere, like students, administrators, graphicians etc.

  • We got one Sparc installed for a guy from the local user group who was very astonished how it worked. ;-)
  • Two MIPS(el) boxes were booted and run to compile Debian on it. This was the first step for the new binary-mipsel architecture and will result in an auto-compiler for it.
  • We learned that a DECstation 5000/133 needs MOP to boot from the net and we don't know how MOP works. Still work to do. :-)
  • Ingo has fixed a not-so-much used SCSI driver.
  • Got the HP9000/425 boot Linux (though, the kernel crashes), though we know how it boots now.
  • Arno has finished a first version of the driver for the GoldenGate-II+ card and NE2000 ISA ethernet card For the Amiga under Linux/m68k and APUS. It took him three meetings to get it right. :-)
  • Roman managed to get 2.2.10 and 2.3.16 working on Medusa.
  • Peter got 2.3.16 work on his DN3500 and the 4 plane graphics board works as well.
  • Link to DECstation-Port

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