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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 1999

October 14th (Thu) - 17th (Sun) 1999

University of Oldenburg, Wechloy, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße

Proposed Schedule

Thursday, October 14th

afternoon: arrival and general setup
afternoon: hacking
2o.oo: dinner outside (restaurant)
22.oo: hacking
night: hacking
late night: sleeping or hacking

Friday, October 15th

morning: breakfast
late morning: hacking
noon: hacking or lunch at local cafeteria
aftenoon: hacking
19.oo: dinner (DaCapo, DM22.50 plus fluid)
night: hacking
late night: sleeping or hacking

Saturday, October 16th

morning: breakfast
late morning: hacking[1]
noon: hacking
aftenoon: hacking
20.30: dinner (Kartoffelkiste)
late night: sleeping or hacking

Sunday, October 17th

morning: breakfast
then: dismantling

1: There is a Linux Demo Day on this very day, at the same location. Those of you who want to take a rest are invited to walk around at the exhibition area.

2: Those who will stay until sunday will get a place to sleep and we're having a shared dinner. If many people will stay longer, we'll try to extend our use of the university's rooms until Sunday morning.

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