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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 1999

October 14th (Thu) - 17th (Sun) 1999

University of Oldenburg, Wechloy, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße

Some Pictures from the meeting

Click on the image to get a large version.

Picture #2

Wuffel can't believe what goes on at Ingo's machines.

Picture #3

Arno seems to be happy about his work (having successfully finished the first version of the GoldenGate-II+ card driver).

Picture #6

Apparently, a root password is needed to hack on an old RS/6000 machine in order to install Linux there.

Picture #7

Roman is pestering his Medusa machine with 2.2.10.

Picture #8

Florian is watching while Roman is hacking.

Picture #9

James is sleeping while Jörg is in action...

Picture #10

Bernd is pondering... Was this thing big endian or little endian?

Picture #11

Peter doesn't trust the camera-man.

Picture #12

Apparently, Bernd is still pondering.

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