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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2005

Invitation to the Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting #A

Executive summary:

URL: http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2005/
What: Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting #A
Who: Every developer interested in Linux on non-i386 platforms
Every developer interested in developing the debian-installer
Every developer interested in Debian-Java
When: September, 21st to 25th (Wednesday noon to Sunday afternoon)
Where: University of Oldenburg, science building in Oldenburg Wechloy
Orga: ffis e.V., Martin 'Joey' Schulze
Bonus: Regular rooms again, at least partially

There will be another Linux developers meeting taking place in Oldenburg at the last weekend in September this year. Like last year, we will be able to start on Wednesday and work until Sunday. So diligent people can work up to four days in Oldenburg.

Contrary to last year we will be using the "regular" rooms again, at least partially. The meeting will take place at the University of Oldenburg in the scientific building in Oldenburg Wechloy.

The goal of this developers meeting is to provide developers a means to work in common on the non-i386 Linux ports and related topics and to further the exchange of ideas and discussion about the several ports. However, Debian developers and Debian Java people have asked whether they can piggy-back a meeting at the same location as well.

We will have dedicated working and sleeping rooms as before. We should be able to use enough rooms for the nights, even if the number of attending developers is too high for the two regular sleeping rooms. We will be able to use the shower facility of the sports department nearby where we can sleep as well.

We will have dinner together in a restaurant in the evening. A preliminary plan will be on the web soon. Since some people preferred to stay at the university and not go out having a dinner, please let me know if you plan to do so as this affects restaurant space requirements.

As usual we will have a never-ending breakfast in the large working room. I will buy rolls each morning and try to ensure that there will be enough butter, cheese, sausages, jam, Nutella and stuff. I will also take care of non-alcoholic fluids.

Attendance is free of cost including food and beverage in the working rooms (although we are always thankful for donations, EUR 10-20 per person in total should cover the expenses).

Beside machines, equipment and documentation you'll need to take with you a sleeping bag, maybe a camping mat or cot, towels, shower stuff, personal toilett accessories, maybe medicine, clothes, mug, plate and cutlery are optional but helpful. Don't forget enough power chords, extenders and network cables.

You'll find routing information on the website mentioned above.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please send back the following form, so that we can calculate space, power and food.

   Name ................:
   Date of arrival .....: ( ) Wednesday, Sep, 21st
                          ( ) Thursday, Sep, 22nd
                          ( ) Friday, Sep, 23rd
                          ( ) Saturday, Sep, 24th
   Date of departure ...: ( ) Friday, Sep. 23rd
                          ( ) Saturday, Sep. 24th
                          ( ) Sunday, Sep. 25th
   ___ usable seats in my car, once arrived (only if you come by car)
   (four usable seets --> one driver, three guests)
   Special requirements for food: ______________________
   (Vegetarian should be covered with 10% of all, vegan people will need
   special attention)

If you come by train/plane and want me to pick up up in Bremen or Oldenburg, please drop me the exact arrival and departure times as well.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.


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