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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2005

GNU Classpath Developers Meeting

Various Debian packagers and developers are interested in coming together for a meeting around coordinating and improving the state of packaging of large scale applications written in the java programming language using the GNU Classpath, gcj and other free java-like tool chains for the various GNU/Linux distributions.

The immediate goal of the meeting is to learn from each other based on the various packaging efforts and to come to a common idea for:

  • A common packaging system (possibly based on JPackage).
  • Cross-distribution package naming and versioning conventions.
  • Common practices for gcj-dbtool ahead of time compilation registry for libraries (while retaining traditional byte code support).
  • (Prioritized) List of missing features in the free toolchains (plus workarounds for the most urgent items)
  • Creating work items for deploying safe applet support (how to prevent to get listed on bugtraq)

We hope to get together a group of people wanting to do some hands on hacking to show the state of the art in packaging. Resulting in the availability of several new packages and cross-distribution packaging conventions quickly after the meeting.

The meeting will be from the 23rd till the 25th of September (we expect most people to arrive Thursday night). The meeting is coordinated by Kurt Gramlich (kurt@skolelinux.de) and Mark Wielaard (mark@klomp.org). See the wiki for more information.

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