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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2005

We will have a "never-ending breakfast" in one of the working rooms for all attendants. There will be a large refrigerator to keep edibles fresh and cool. Joey will also get rolls each morning and try to ensure that there is be enough butter, cheese, sausages, jam, Nutella and stuff. He will also take care of non-alcoholic fluids.

If attendants notice that one or another item is exhausted, they should check the refrigerator for an update. If the coffee is empty and one would like to dring a cup, they should operate the coffee machine on their own and upgrade the can. If an item is totally exhausted, please let Joey know.

In the evening, usually at 19:00 o'clock, we will go to a restaurant for dinner. This will take about two hours, and maybe longer, depending on the number of attending developers and the variety of food.

As a general note for ordering food in the restaurants: Their kitchen can cope better with > 20 people and orders at the same time if they don't have to create 20 different meals but only half of them. Consider this with 50 people going to the same location. Hence, if possible, restrict the orders to a limited number of different meals.

Wednesday, September 21st

20:00-22:00: Ali Baba, Ammerländer Heerstr. 120, Oriental
á la carte

Thursday, September 22nd

19:00-21:00: Maharadja, Donnerschweer Str, Indian

Friday, September 23rd

19:00-21:00: Die Tränke, Osterkampsweg 62

Saturday, September 24th

19:00-21:00: Antalya, Bümmersteder Tredde 148, Turkish

If you should arrive late on Wednesday, you should be able to go directly to the restaurants, since the restaurant is in the near surrounding (radius 2km) of the meeting place and on the direct way of the Bus 306. Ali Baba is on the opposite side of the street at the main University (bus stop is: Universität/Ammerländer Heerstr.).

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