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Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2005

Important Information

This page contains various information that is important for attendants of this year's meeting (although, most items also apply to future meetings as well.

  1. If possible, don't sleep on the corridor but inside the designated rooms. In case you should have to sleep outside due to space limitation, please move inside no later than 7 o'clock so that we don't disturb the people trying to work there.
  2. Since we are allowed to sleep in the sports facility, it should be open all the time. If you should have to sleep outside of the designated room, please move inside no later than 7 o'clock.
  3. The university building is a non-smoking area. If you want to smoke, please go outside and use the ashtrays there.
  4. The university doors are locked from 19:00 to 6:00 on work days and during the entire weekend. Hence, we must not open them if we don't ask the gatekeeper in advance. The main door has a different policy but may still be locked.
  5. We have food that needs to be kept cold during the developers meeting. This is meant to be used/eaten. So if you miss cheese, sausages, milk or similar and there is nothing left at the food place, please check the refrigerator on your own, Joey's not your mummy.
  6. If you miss any kind of food or something else, please don't hesitate to contact Joey. Most probably there are possibilities to purchase stuff during the meeting as well.
  7. Please clean the knifes and plates at the food corner every once in a while. Please try to keep it clean so it doesn't look too horrible.
  8. Please don't throw away the fluid bottles since we get a refund if we take them back. There will be bags and boxes to collect them.
  9. Please note that waste is separated in Germany. Plastics and tetrapacks go into the yellow bags. Glasses go to a special container. Green waste such as remainders from vegetables and food also has their own boxes.
  10. We are a lot of people, which will cause two problems for our dinner. It'll take a while to get us there, so please be prepared to leave your work at about half an hour before, that is 18:30 usually.
  11. It may be fun to let the waiters guess what you have ordered, but only with 20 people affected, not with 55. Hence, please write down the number of the meal you have ordered so you remember what it was.
  12. Due to the large number of attending developers, Joey erased his former dinner plans and ordered a buffet for three days in order to compensate cooking time. There will only la carte dinner on Wednesday.
  13. There will be a map of Oldenburg in the main room with signs for the dinner locations. Please check the map before driving there so you don't risk getting lost. Joey has some spare maps as well.
  14. When you arrive, and Joey doesn't know you already, especially when this is the first time you're at the meeting, please say hello to him. It sucks to organise a meeting and find people playing with our stuff without knowing whether they're intruders or hackers.
  15. There are several Sparc and PA-RISC machines to be given away for free to developers. Please ask Joey for details.
  16. You may use the sauna facility of the university. Please see this note for details.
  17. The event should be sponsored by Sun, but there will be a donation box at the food corner nevertheless. The anticipated costs will be roughly € 10.00 per person, hence about 600 euros.
  18. Joey would like to collect reports about successful developments and other success stories, also in order to promote the meeting further and be able to use the facility again in future years.
  19. If you take pictures during the meeting and place them online afterwards, please drop Joey a line so he can link to them from the meeting homepage.

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